more opportunities, 

for more children, 

with your help

We are clear at Oundle that the end point of our educational vision is not the eighteen-year-old but rather the eighty-eight year-old. The development of a discerning mind is central to our aims, but this takes its place alongside the emergence of the whole person.

Funding Futures is a celebration of the possibilities made real for so many children by our bursaries programme and partnerships work. The sheer range of what pupils encounter beyond the classroom while at Oundle gives them opportunities through which they develop a secure sense of themselves. The depth of pastoral care which nurtures them gives confidence and groundedness. The mixture of young people with whom they grow up, from different countries and different backgrounds, gives them an invaluable understanding of worlds beyond their own. The inspiration is mutual. We are, in short, in the business of educating our pupils for their future.

I hope very much that you will feel able to support us in doing more to enrich the educational experience of all our pupils through the power of inclusion made possible by financial support for our families."

Sarah Kerr-Dineen

Oundle School was constituted as a charity in 1556 by a grateful former pupil for one purpose -  to educate more children. Times and contexts have changed over the last four centuries, but we remain true to that founding ideal. Generations of staff and governors have dedicated themselves to offering the very best possible start in life to the children under their care.

With your help, we can offer such a start to more children, from a complete cross-section of society. We hope that you will kindly consider supporting is in this endeavour."

Ian Hodgson
Governor and Chairman-designate of the Development Committee; OO Club President 2015


Awards range from 10% of the relevant fee to over 100%. They are based on thorough means-testing, which involves financial disclosure and a home visit by a third party assessor. They may be made on entry, or in response to 'emergency' circumstances resulting from an unexpected change in family circumstances after enrolling.


Over 100 bursaries are funded each year.


Roughly a third of these tend to be for the whole fee or more.


The average award is around 70% of the fee.


Grants of more than 100%  - additionally covering uniforms, books, some trips -  are made in partnership with a range of charities, including the Royal Springboard foundation and the Eastside Young Leaders Academy. These partners help us to support and reach out to children whose families would never have considered Oundle an option, but for whom it may be the best place they can be. 

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